Lovely Tauber Valley holiday area

How can you explore the lovely Tauber Valley from Rothenburg to Wertheim faster than on foot or by bike? It’s no coincidence that walking and cycling are the most popular leisure activities here. The charming landscape with its glorious vineyards, forests, fields and the idyllic river valley are made for walking and cycling.

For over 30 years there has been the charming Tauber Valley cycle path which was finished in 1980 as one of the first long cycle paths in Germany. “The classic” from Rothenburg ob der Tauber via Bad Mergentheim to Wertheim am Main is still probably one of the most beautiful bicycle tours in Germany.

However, the Tauber Valley is not just a paradise for cyclists, as walkers are also spoiled for choice. There are no less than 30 circular walking routes around the Tauber Valley. With lengths between 13 and 24 kilometres, and walking times from four to six and a half hours, hiking enthusiasts as well as those of a sporty nature will be able to find their own route to walk.

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